Developing a segment of the project for a new district . A new school building is located below. An optional presentation of it in a several views, 3D includingly (ISO port).

A little bit imagination and we can developed such drawing upto a segment of the district withthe transportation way and a small parkside. A new Project Institution besides a school building will appear. There are also a motorway with a an optional cars parking nearby of both building assigned.

A collossal monopoly building comprises several functions and amount of different departments for a official purposes. Parking place inbuilt in a lowest part of it, seightseeng area on a highest floor and also possible a square on a top as a helicopters place. Responsibly located traffic area around of it.

Another capture of an unusual creation is bellow . Several functional purposes, might be used as a hospitality and residential building, as well.

A green area and eventhough a little water bassin are surrounded such building. Metal constructions combained with a glass and magnificent roof form that give a chance to be covered from the nasty sol light in a summer time.

Furtheron I did use SketchUP, as a tool to make several presentation of my creations and ideas , what and how to might be in a real stage of a life , outside on a street , inside a city and at some special cultural spaces.

New model for a Cinema or Cinematek. Visual results in a several views and materials applied.

Office model with a shopping floor at the ground.

A house model for several purposes, where used mixed elements from old to modern design for a building.

Some idea to a new or renovated theater building with implication of a bysantic style elements to the construction.

Third idea to a constructive building model with a use of same decorative elements . Museum of the Art, for instance.

Some of ideas to residential moduls to build. Precast concrete with unusual formated windows, metallic frame to it applied.

available fot the futher development into blocks and segments, up to master plan of the district.

Some ideas for a new residential segments to build.

Office building that comprised municipal departments into one common shape . Building is presented with detailes, these elements show nearside , while marked by a yellow line on a building facade.

Recently developed a modul for residential purposes. Steen and precast concrete panels and blocks applied to construction. Easy to handle with a quantity of the floors. It could be low or higher in a hide measurements.

Entre in an office department located from both sides of a facade , these are similar in constructive solution.

Such modul could be different colours as well, depending on a customer choices. It will be also easy to transform into the several models, either to imply diverse details or elements , which will differentiate facade and views. Modul is demonstrated in a facade and ISO  metric views.

Previously was mentioned a possible option to add elements and floor as well to current modul. On a picture moduls have been added by a gracefully designed ground floor. As it is possibly to discover there are located several lincable moduls, which are created as a common district segment. 

Different views and options presented on a picture above are the same modul implication.

Another option for a developed buildings modul could be presented as a symmetrical building , where an elevator and entre part located between the similar units of same modul.

A bank office modul. Such unit presented in several views with purpose to demonstrate a fact, how a general buildings view might give a quite different visual impression , when materials and textures, light angle structure assummed applied to it.

Two applied pictures comprised large views of front and back facades, left and right sides, as well. ISO view demontsrated well allover decorative windows and roof details.

Next type of the stylish oldish creation is a renewal project . Below ,you can realise a shape of a sketched building.

Constructive elements were used - usual stones. Decorative elements applied to the building are stylish alabaster , a gypsum mixed with a concrete.

On a views below applied materiales and textures.

Model of a new factory building .

A shape for a Quantum house , scientifically bounded unit.

New residential modul. Could be developed into a single segment district with the linkable moduls.

Newborned idea to residential objects around a city .

Building below, created for a sport activities purpose, comprised a general offices part at higher floors with a differentiated halls and sals for a winther based activities sport and other sport activities during the year.

New developed concept for an activity house with inbuilt : ice skating rink on a basement and winter rolle-skate rink.

Development of an idea to Scientific Assambly Buildings. Main building made of concrete , metal and glass with original application of exteriour elevators from the both sides of a facade.

Several views of a main building above.

Unique eco idea applied to building construction presented below . Roof Windows inbuillt into an office and residential construction.

Such an interesting idea to monolith precast concrete - a building with 3 facades ,  exit corner inbuilt on the both sides of a main facade with an exteriour elevator.Some other snits and details views can be found under a menue

Views from the different sides and one roof plan view , where possible to see the windows inbuilt into the each etage plan on a roof, instead of the usual facades windows. Two other views right and left are fully backed up by facade windows.

Views from the different sides and one roof plan view , where possible to see the windows inbuilt into the each etage plan on a roof, instead of the usual facades windows. Two other views right and left are fully backed up by facade windows.

Making a model of a single residential building with a higher capacity to families applied.

Sevaral linkable modules built into one single residential building below. Possible conversions and flexible location of the concrete modules.

Single construction of a modern office building.

Similar construction of a residential building , where new covering materials applied.

Another model for a residential housing, where the altans windows covered by a facade walls, located from left and right sides, while both facades having only windows . Unusual solution of a reference base level with entre doors and walls.

A model for a regular residential purposes with different facilities on a ground floor. On  two sides located parkings, shopping areas situated around and with a tunnel to another side of the house. 

One of the residential model related in its constructive solution  to bird house. Material to build might be chosen as precast concrete panels.

A Museum of abstraction , or avantgardistic art . Model developed for exibitions, wide audience, possible to use for a conferences .